OptiMum Nutrition

8 week Plant-Based Healthy Eating Plan for Busy Families

OptiMum Nutrition is an 8 week plant-based meal plan and nutrition education course that will provide you with an 8 week plan - that's recipes and suggestions for all meals and snacks for 8 weeks.

It is designed for busy Mums, but it's great for Dad too! I include bulk cooking and freezing meals and give quick dinner options for those days when you just don't have time to cook. This meal plan is designed to fit around your life. It's not a strict plan you must follow rigidly otherwise you fail. It is simply here to give you suggestions when you need them.

Each week we will cover a different topic regarding nutrition and healthy eating, plus my information sheets and top tips.

With Teachable's free app you will be able to access the content offline whilst cooking!

OptiMum Nutrition's goal is not to achieve weight loss. The goal is to establish healthy eating habits which are good for the planet as well as for your health. It is known that people who eat at least 30 varieties of plant foods each week have a larger variety of beneficial gut bacteria and this can lead to health benefits in the long-term. It's also know that eating more plant foods can have a positive impact on the planet by reducing green house gas emissions and our reliance on only a few food types. I hope you will feel inspired to cook some new dishes and plants will feature more in your day to day eating.

Each week I provide the meal suggestions and recipes to give you a balanced intake over the course of the week. The aim is to eat one meal containing oily fish each week, a variety of both meat and plant sources of protein, wholegrain carbohydrates and plenty of fruit, vegetables and a mixture of dairy and plant-based alternatives.

If you are vegetarian there are plenty of vegetarian meals, a vegetarian version of most meat containing meals e.g. vegetable lasagne, and others can be easily adapted to make them meat-free.

This meal plan is not vegan. It is intended to promote an increase in plant foods without the need to cut out meat, fish, eggs and diary all together.

With the 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee, there really is nothing to lose!

As a matter of comparison a 1:1 consultation with me costs £85, so for just £24 you will be receiving 8 weeks of inspiration and information. Join today and let's get started!

Ruth x

Your Instructor

Ruth Harvey
Ruth Harvey

I have been a dietitian for over 10 years and have worked in the NHS, in research and abroad in Australia. After having 2 children I set up Pod&Pea Nutrition to provide Mums with a reliable source of nutrition information to help nourish themselves and their family.

Sadly, the media is full of confusing messages about nutrition and anyone can call themselves a nutritionist without any training. As a dietitian I am registered with the HCPC (like your GP) and I am committed to providing evidenced based nutrition education that isn't opinion based or following the latest fad. I provide tailored advice and translate the science into practical tips based on your dietary preferences and lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
Access to the course starts now and ends in 10 weeks! That way if you need a little time to prepare before you start the 8 week meal plan there is plenty of time.
How long do I have access to the course?
After enrolling, you will have unlimited access to this course 10 weeks. That means you get 2 weeks free! That way if you want to rewatch any of the videos or retry a few of the recipes you've got time in which to do it.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact me within 30 days and let me know the reasons why you aren't satisfied. I would love the feedback, so I can make improvements for others and you will be refunded for the remainder of the course.

Thank you so much for considering taking part in OptiMum's 8 week meal plan and nutrition education. I am certain that you will gain valuable information that will transform the foods you cook and the way you eat and think about food.

Don't forget you can access this course for 10 weeks, so you've got plenty of time to get organised!

Buon appetito!


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